Shipping is often the most complicated part of selling online, and Design Kollective gives you the option to make your products available to customers on your terms. To find your settings, first navigate to your boutique's admin panel and then click the "Shipping" link in the menu.

From here you'll be able to enable or disable shipping, as well as add or remove your free shipping postal codes. As you change your shipping settings, the gray box entitled "Your shipping policy" will describe exactly how your currently selected settings will work.

Extended Shipping

Extended shipping means that your boutique is able to ship your products to anywhere in the US.

When a customer is checking out and chooses "shipped" as their delivery preference, they'll be shown a list of shipping options from UPS. If UPS isn't able to ship the items, the customer will be offered a "To Be Determined" option (TBD), and will be notified that you will work with them after the purchase is completed to find a suitable shipping option.

If you know how much you want to charge for certain products, you can set a flat rate shipping price on a product by product basis via the "Shipping Settings" on the product upload form. Note that the flat rate shipping price will override any third party carrier rates, and if you've disabled extended shipping you won't have an option to add a flat rate shipping price when uploading a product.

Free Local Shipping and Pickup Only

If you'd like to offer free shipping to local customers, you can create a list of postal codes that are eligible for free shipping. Customers shopping in those regions will automatically see your products as being shipped to them for free!

Disabling shipping as a whole

If you don't want to have to worry about shipping at all, disabling the Extended Shipping option and removing any free shipping postal codes will limit your customer's delivery options to pickup only.

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