Purchasing a Shipping Label

Design Kollective allows store owners to purchase shipping labels for parcel shipments ordered through designkollective.com. Note: This process applies only to parcel shipments, not freight shipments of larger items.

To purchase a shipping label, navigate to the Orders page in your store's admin area. 

From there, click to view the order that contains the shipment you're purchasing a label for. Once on the order view, click on the "Purchase Shipping Label..." buton listed under the corresponding shipment.

A modal will open with the customer's chosen rate pre-selected. Clicking 'Purchase Label' will charge the same card used for your store's Design Kollective membership. You'll receive confirmation and a receipt via email.

Once the label has been purchased, the modal will close. Then click on the "View/Print Shipping Label" button to view the purchased label.

Printing a previously purchased label

You can re-print any previously purchased labels by clicking the "View/Print Shipping Label" button from the order view in your store's admin area.

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