Design Kollective aims to provide flexibility in how stores can offer their products to customers. All of the following settings can be found in your store's admin area by going to the Site Settings page and selecting the "Ecommerce Settings.”

Hiding Product Prices

If you would like to encourage customers to contact your store directly, you can enable the "Hide Product Prices" option. With "Enable Price Display" enabled, your web and email product cards will not show any prices. As a result, product cards will have a "View" button in place of the "Add to Cart" button. Product pages will also show a "Contact Us to Buy" button in place of the "Add to Cart" button. It is important to note that hiding your product prices will automatically disable the "Enable Online Orders" setting for your store, effectively turning your Design Kollective store into a product show room.

Disabling Online Orders

Alternatively, you can choose to maintain your ability to show product prices to customers, while still requiring them to contact your store for any purchases. To do this, you would disable the "Enable Price Display" option while keeping the "Enable Online Orders" option checked.

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