What is a company on Design Kollective?

A company represents a business entity that may list one or more stores on Design Kollective. A company's address and contact information can be separate from its stores, and that address and contact information is kept private from customers shopping on Design Kollective.

What is a store on Design Kollective?

A store represents your physical brick and mortar stores. Each store has its own address and contact information, as well as its own store page on Design Kollective.

How do I manage my company?

You can find a link to your company's admin area in the user menu.

How do I manage my store?

You can find a link to your store's admin areas in the user menu.

How do I add new stores to my seller account?

You can add a new store from your company's admin area on the membership page. Creating a new store is exactly the same process as the first. Just click the 'Add Store' button and you'll be on your way!

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