What is the Design Kollective membership program?

The membership program is a monthly subscription that unlocks all of Design Kollective's great features. For more information on different price points and their features, click here.

How does the billing work?

A seller account receives one invoice each month. When a store's plan changes during a billing cycle, a proration line item is applied on the next invoice. If a store whose subscription is billed on the first of the month changes to a more expensive plan, you receive a credit for the unused portion of the old plan and are billed for only the remainder of the month for the new plan.

How do I change my payment source?

A company's default payment source can be changed at any time from the Membership page in the company admin area.

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel a store's plan?

The easiest way to manage a store's plan is to click on the 'Manage Subscription' button from the company admin's membership page. You can find a list of all of the company's stores as well as a link to each store's membership plan form.

From the store's membership plan page you'll be able to modify the store's plan, or cancel it altogether. Note that if you cancel a store's plan the store will no longer be accessible publicly.

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