This article explains how to point your store's custom domain (e.g. "") to your Design Kollective site. It's a simple process, but can have a bit of variance depending on how your domain has been set up.

Once your store has been set up on the Kollective, you can begin the process of setting up your custom domain by letting us know the domain you'd like to use. You can get in touch via email ([email protected]), or by using the support chat in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

After you let us know which domain you'd like to use, we'll set the domain up on our end, and provide you with a DNS target to point your domain's CNAME at. If you don't know what that means, don't worry! We're happy to provide help and guidance with the DNS setup, as it's a slightly different procedure for each DNS provider.

Once the domain has been successfully pointed at your new DNS target, that's it! Your Design Kollective site will then be accessible to anyone who visits your custom domain, as well as visitors to the main Design Kollective site.

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