What are portfolios?

Portfolios are a great way to show off your store's look and feel! Portfolios are essentially a collection of photos that you can use to show different looks that your store has curated for customers.

Enabling/disabling the portfolio feature

Don't want to show portfolios? No problem! You can enable/disable the portfolio feature at any time via your store’s profile form. Look for the section labeled “Site Settings”. Note that disabling the portfolio feature won't automatically delete your portfolios, it simply hides links to your them from your store's page.

Managing portfolios

Creating new and managing existing portfolios can be done from the "portfolio" page of your store's admin area. Once on the portfolio page you'll notice a list of all of your portfolios, and links to edit or view the portfolio.

To add a new portfolio piece, simply click or tap on the green "New" button at the top right of the portfolio list.

Viewing your published portfolios

Public Store Page

You can find a link entitled "Portfolio" on the right of your store's logo.

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