Why should you maintain a blog

Your Design Kollective blog lets you share ideas, inspiration, store news, and more with your customers! Having a blog that you update regularly helps to increase your brand’s digital footprint, which in turn helps to increase engagement.

Enabling/disabling your blog

Don't want a blog? No problem! You can enable/disable the blog feature at any time via your store’s profile form. Look for the section labeled “Site Settings”. Note that disabling your blog won't automatically delete your posts, it simply hides links to your blog from your store's page.

Managing posts

Creating new and managing existing posts can be done from the blog page of your store's admin area. Once on the blog page you'll notice a list of all of your posts, along with their titles, publish dates, and links to edit or view the post.

To create a new post, simple click or tap on the green "New" button at the top right of the post list.

Post title and slug

A posts's title should be more than a few words but no more than a single sentence. The post's slug is used for creating the final URL for the blog post and will be created for you, but can you can customize it if you'd like to.

Publish Date & Time

You can use the calendar picker to choose the date and time that your blog post will be published and become visible on your store's page. An email notification to your customers about the new post will also be sent out after it is published.

If you haven't enabled your store's blog yet, don't worry! No email notifications will be sent out unless your store's blog is enabled at the time of publication. If you never want to send out email notifications about blog posts, you can disable "Blog Post Published" from your store contact settings page.

Unpublishing a post

If you want to remove a post from public view but don't want to delete the content, you can delete the publish date and time for that post by clicking on the "x" icon at the right of the date & time input.


You can add/remove an image to a post at any time! Either click or tap on the image box, or drag and drop an image file onto the image box to add the image.

Viewing your published posts

Store Admin Area

You can find a link entitled "View" next to each post in the post listing in your store admin area.

Public Store Page

You can find a link entitled "Blog" on the right of your store's logo.

Sharing your published posts

To share you posts, you can find a button at the end of your blog post containing links so that you can share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and email!

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