Here at Design Kollective we take security seriously. Each transaction occurs over an encrypted connection, and is checked by Stripe's Radar fraud detection service. However, fraudulent activity can still slip through the cracks.

A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when a cardholder questions your payment with their bank or credit card company. Disputes aren't the result of fraudulent activity in all cases – sometimes a customer simply might not remember making a purchase from your store! In the case of a dispute, you will be notified by an email to your Stripe account's email with a link to the specific charge in your Stripe Dashboard. Do not ignore this email! From there, Stripe will guide you through the dispute process.

To help you submit the best possible response, Stripe provides a guided process within your Stripe Dashboard. This allows you to provide all of the necessary text and images you feel are appropriate.

For more information on the dispute process, please read the following Stripe documentation:

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